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пт, 11/27/2015
Компания Молекор выступит с докладом на Международной конференции «ПВХ. Итоги года 2015», ключевой ежегодной конференции по ПВХ, которая объединяет на своей площадке производителей, дистрибьюторские, и инжиниринговые компании. Встреча пройдет  в Москве 1 декабря 2015 в Зал «Владимир»  отеля «Балчуг Кемпински Москва».

К обсуждению прилагаются следующие темы:

Ключевые моменты...

с чт, 06/04/2015 по пт, 06/05/2015
Компания МОЛЕКОР будет участвовать в XIII международной конференции «Российский рынок полимеров», с докладом на тему "ПВХ-О трубы: применение и возможности рынка в России", 4th июня 2015, 13:30h, в г. Сочи, в Radisson Blu Paradise Resort & Spa.

с вт, 12/02/2014 по пт, 12/05/2014
Visit us at our stand 132 (Hall 6 - Hall H) from 2th to 5th December

Pollutec - Leading general show for the environment and energy industries, as in previous editions, brings together professionals from around the world to discuss innovative solutions that reduce the impact of human activities on the environment, whether it is in industry, local authorities or in the service sector...

пн, 10/21/2013
On Monday, October 21st at 15.30 h. a Molecor presentation will be carried out in ROOM 8 CCD South. It is the perfect opportunity to discuss the numerous issues related to the Water Supply transportation and to find out the new developments Molecor brings to the world.

 “Molecor: Orienting the Future. Latest developments in PVC-O”

Monday, October 21st, 2013

Room 8. CCD South


с ср, 10/16/2013 по ср, 10/23/2013
Molecor announces its participation at the K show 2013, the International Trade Fair No. 1 for Plastics and Rubber.  This significant event for the Plastic Industry will take place in Düsseldorf, Germany from 16th  to 23rd  October 2013.

Molecor invites you to visit their Stand 16B17.

You can also check for more details and updates at Molecor K 2013 company profile.

с чт, 10/03/2013 по пт, 10/04/2013
Международная конференция «Пластиковые трубы 2013» пройдет 3-4 октября 2013 года в Москве.

За прошедшие 80 лет пластиковые трубы изменили принцип предоставления коммунальных  услуг, необходимых для качественного проживания. Международная конференция «Plastic Pipes» является значимой платформой и уникальным местом для встречи участников быстроразвивающихся технологий и производства.


с вт, 06/18/2013 по чт, 06/20/2013
The Spanish Association of Water Supply and Sewage (AERyD) organizes the XXXI Irrigation National Congress which will take place in Orihuela ( Alicante) from 18th to 20th June 2013.

Irrigation is one of the main applications of  water conduction, both for agricultural purposes and the watering of parks and gardens. This represent a sector very important in Spain, due to the great volume...

с ср, 06/12/2013 по пт, 06/14/2013
The Spanish Association of supply and drainage (AEAS) will celebrate its XXXII Symposia on June 12th – 14th.  These conferences are an excellent meeting point for professionals, institutions and companies of this sector for interchanging knowledge about the global cycle of the urban water.

Molecor has been selected to present the paper “PVC-O pipes: Eficiency, Energy savings and...

с пн, 05/20/2013 по вт, 05/21/2013
The II International Civil Engineering Congress will take place in Vigo, on May 20th and 21st,  with the leit motive:  Water, Culture and Society. This congress is organized by the Civil Engineer Schools of Galicia and the North of Portugal and intends to convey the balance between the Economic, aesthetic and cultural values link to the water.

Molecor,  sponsor for this Congress...

с пн, 04/22/2013 по ср, 04/24/2013

Every year in April, Uni-Bell PVC Pipe Association members gather for their Annual Meeting – the largest gathering of PVC pipe and fitting manufacturers in the world. 

Green infrastructure is all the rage, with many piping materials proclaiming they are sustainable. Therefore, this year’s gathering theme is Building a Greener World with PVC Pipe.  This year’s...